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The spent wash shall be collected, stored and co-processed only in the cement industries that have obtained necessary permission from the State Pollution Control Board/ Pollution Control Committee for the purpose in the prescribed

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Oct 06, 2011 · Introduction Distillery effluent or spent wash (SW) is usually considered as waste of distillery processes and can be classified as a dilute organic liquid fertilizer with high potassium content (Samuels 1980)In recent years, due to expansion of distilleries in sugar cane growing countries, the disposal of SW has become an acute problem


8 Daily about 355 tons of concentrated spent wash is incinerated So far, more than 31065 tons of concentrated spent wash has been incinerated in this incinerator 9 This incinerator incinerated 3827 tons of concentrated spent wash in a day, which is the highest so far, averaging out to 1592 TPH against guarantee of 152 tph 10

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the removal of TDS, colour and COD from spent wash of distillery 7 Due to that all the experiments were carried out at a feed pressure of 20 atm Table 1 Characteristics of distillery spent wash and permeate Parameter Unit Spent wash NF Permeate RO Permeate pH - 32 65 64 TDS mg/Lt 36780 5517 1103 Colour PtCo scale 760 7 1

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET TAMMS CEMENT WASH Polymer Modified Cementitious Finishing Material DESCRIPTION: TAMMS CEMENT WASH is a single component, polymer modified, portland cement based material used for achieving a smooth finish on precast, poured in place, tilt up or other unfinished

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The CPCB in its draft guidelines for co-processing of distillery spent wash concentrate in cement industry made the following observations: a) The adverse effect of spent wash disposal via bio compost is magnified during the

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The Fertilisation potential of Spent Wash In spite of the recalcitrant nature of spent wash and the enormous damage, which may be caused as a result of uncontrolled discharge of untreated spent wash into water bodies and lands, many authors have classified it as a dilute organic fertilizer with 7 to 9% solids and 90 to 93% water